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How We Maintain Town Roads

Gravel & Grade

Every Spring the Town Board goes on a Spring Road Tour to survey the town roads.

The Board will inspect road conditions and authorize expenditures to repair roads and maintain them by adding gravel and grading as needed.

In alternating years, the town roads are given a road chloride treatment to help with dust and winter conditions.

How to Report Road Issues

Contact us if you need to report damage or needed maintenance to town roads.

Please, DO NOT contact the contractor with concerns

Call us at 218-353-1046.

Email us at

Let us know so we can help 


Snow Removal

The Town does not have a "clean roads policy" and our contractor will plow roads after 3 inches of snowfall.

Please remember that we cannot plow private driveways.


If you feel that a road needs to get plowed, or needs salt/sand dropped, please Contact us with details.

Please, DO NOT contact the contractor with any concerns

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