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Permit FAQs

Please refer to the following FAQs for the permitting process.

What permits do I need? The type of permit you need depends on your construction/building activity. 

Where do I get those permits? Lake County Planning & Zoning is your permit destination for most permits.

Does the township issue any permits? Yes! We issue the Access Driveway Permit for new access driveways that are connected to a township road.

How do I get that permit? See below sections.

Is an access driveway permit all I need? As far as the township requires, but you should check with

Lake County Planning & Zoning.

Does the township have any special setback requirements? No, only the right-of-way for the town road. But you should check with

Lake County Planning & Zoning.


The Township defers to the County and State rules for such matters.

Please be sure to review all relevant State and County laws, rules, and regulations.

In the event that the Township passes an Ordinance, all statutory guidelines regarding passage and publication shall be followed and a copy of the Ordinance will also appear on this website here.

Permit Process

Our permit process is fairly straightforward.

Please remember to verify permitting needs with Lake County Planning & Zoning.

1. Fill out the Application and submit to Town Clerk

2. Include appropriate deposit in cash/check

3. Town will follow up with you after the next scheduled monthly meeting

Permit Applications

Find your required application below.

Please see Lake County Planning & Zoning for further information on permitting.

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